What does Noir FARIS Brands Limited specialize in?

Noir FARIS Brands Limited specializes in it's unique justice-inspired and equity-driven brand of clothing, shoes, and towels.

Noir FARIS Brands Limited is a Canadian based product sourcing, research & development, and quality control company that looks for voids in the marketplace and fills it with the highest quality products with the goal of giving it's customers the best overall value, while helping save our environment and helping to uplift the people and the communities that we work with.

Does Noir FARIS sell directly to consumers?

No. Noir FARIS only sells business to business, and only in full 20' and 40' high cube container quantities.

Where is Noir FARIS located?

Noir FARIS Brands Limited is incorporated under the federal laws of Canada. It is located in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. However, Noir FARIS operates all of its showrooms either in Marriott or Sheraton hotel properties or in major international trade shows.

What is the process of buying?

The buying process is simple.

Go through the website and let us know which products are of interest, in 20' or 40' container quantity, and for which country and port of destination.

We shall reply back to you with product details, along with total costs, including all shipping costs, to your port of destination.

Generally, the process is as simple as follows:
1. You choose the products that interest you.
2. You approve the samples and the costs.
3. We email you a proforma invoice and you pay a deposit of between 25-40% depending on the factory.
4. Once production is done, we release a final inspection report with pictures and a video of your products, and issue you a commercial invoice for the final quantity and amount due (minus the initial deposit).
5. Once your balance is paid, the goods sail out within days.

How can we inspect the goods before committing to a purchase?

We make it a point to visit all of our new customers, so rest assured that one of our team members would happily visit you, show you the samples so you can inspect exactly what you shall be buying, and ensure that all of your buying needs are attended to.

Can we mix different products in the same container?

No. Each product is from a specific factory that specializes only in that product line, so it's not feasible to mix different products in one container, even if they are all produced in the same country.


If you have any questions or need help with your account, you may contact us to assist you